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Boring but REALLY important: Net Neutrality

Ending net neutrality would change purchasing internet services into bundles of products: Netflix and Hulu as buy-ups. It’s time to contact your federal representatives!

Here's what I wrote to Franken, Klobuchar, and Ellison:

I am writing to you to ask for your continued help in maintaining internet “net neutrality.” The internet is a powerful tool that has brought immense change to our society – and my note to you today. It has become a public utility and should be treated as such. Imagine if…

- Electric companies could charge different rates for powering TV’s versus a dryer.

- Water companies could charge different rates for lawn irrigation versus daily showers.

- Natural gas companies could charge different rates for heating versus cooking.

I maintain a small website for a group of (suddenly) politically motivated friends and neighbors – not very large at all. Slicing up the internet could cut off access to our fans and supporters.

Thank you for your service and continued help.

And for FaceBook:

Net neutrality is boring but important. What if you had to pay extra to access Netflix? How would I chill?! Drop a quick note to your Federal reps and ask them to maintain net neutrality. Click here for quick links:

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