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Again with the ACA


Well, there they go again. The Republicans are taking another swipe at the ACA and, guess what - it involves a lot of cuts. The Cassidy-Graham bill is hard to find information on, but from what I found it really is generally more of the same: cut $'s, allow coverage cuts, release caps on pre-existing, the usual.

Here's what I wrote, feel free to steal it. Links to our elected officials are in the Resources section of this website. I included the Governor because they're weighing in due to Medicaid funding cuts. (If your Rep is Lewis or Paulsen, you may have to re-write this a bit.)

I am writing to ask you to not support the Cassidy-Graham bill which would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. It is my hope that as many Americans as possible benefit from reliable, effective, and affordable health care, and this legislation goes the opposite direction.

The ACA does need work such as amendments to stabilize pricing and improve incentives for outcome quality.

I have appreciated your voice and efforts in the past, and I thank you for your continued work.

It's quick and easy!

Some background:

This starts out with bullet points:

USA Today's overview:


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