Group-E’s Statement of Values articulate our stance on important issues.  
They are listed alphabetically.

NOTE: Current reformatted statement as of 01-07-2018. These have been approved by the working group in November 2017 and will be reviewed again in January 2018.


  • Business Environment: Support a healthy business environment for entrepreneurial, small, and large enterprises.

  • Dislocated Workers: Support retraining and relocation assistance.

  • Living Wage: Workers should be compensated such that each  Minnesotan can provide themselves with basic living needs including safe shelter, food, clothing, and health care.

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Ensure that MN’s rich farms and waters will generate bounties for generations to come.

  • Workforce Development: We support workforce development investments that will create and maintain a skilled workforce to help Minnesota remain competitive in the global economy.


  • Representation: We believe that elections should deliver representatives who accurately reflect the political and demographic distribution of Minnesota’s citizens.  Geographically, political districts should be drawn to ensure fair representation of all our citizens.

  • Financing: Transparent campaign finance policies should minimize unequal or biased influence in the political process. 

  • Registration: Election registration and voting systems should provide easy and equitable access including automated and same-day registration.  We oppose a requirement for a government-issued voter identification. 

  • Security: Vote counting systems should be transparent, secure, and auditable.



  • Climate Change: We recognize the relationship between climate change and human activity.  We support policies that address climate change and its effects.  Including public sponsorship of research, development, and infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainability of our planet.

  • Healthy Environment: Basic right to a healthy environment (indoors and outdoors) including clean air, water, and a safe food supply.



  • Social and Racial Justice: Promotion of equity and enforcement of equal protections for all those within our State under the law and by law.

  • Equality: Promote equal pay for equal work, LGBTQ anti-discrimination, and increasing the role of women and minorities.

  • Healthcare: Basic right to adequate care and support.

Freedom of Expression

  • Free Speech: We believe in freedom of speech.  The government should not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable, but citizens may express their response to those ideas.  This freedom of expression is not freedom from personal responsibility.

  • Separation of Church and State: We value separation of religion from secular government. Our local, state, and federal governments should not show a bias towards or entanglement with any religion.


  • Value: We value welcoming and well-managed policies that are beneficial to existing citizens and compassionate to aspiring Americans while encouraging immigration and protecting refugees. They are important to the cultural and economic health of our state and nation.

  • Path to Citizenship: Well-defined policies provide immigrants and refugees from a variety of backgrounds a path to legal residence or citizenship. 

  • Legal Protection: Immigrants and refugees should enjoy legal protections rather than being exploited in a shadow economy. 


  • Fairness: We value fair and impartial administration of law that includes adequate representation and sentencing that is reasonable to the specific convictions (especially for non-violent offenses), and is conducive to both punishment and rehabilitation.  We value a system that strives to avoid wrongful convictions and biased outcomes.


Law Enforcement​

  • Policing: We value fair and effective policing systems. We value the use of evidence-based policies proven to deliver public safety with the least harm to liberty and freedom of our citizens.

  • Equal Protection: Our local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies should provide public safety and equal protection under the law, vigilantly checked and corrected for bias by civilian review.

Second Amendment - Gun Control

  • Ownership: Minnesotans do not have an unlimited right to own a gun.  Reasonable ownership restrictions, adequate training, and usage limitations lead to a safer society without infringing upon individual rights.

  • Policy: Reducing the number and deadliness of guns will markedly decrease the frequency of suicides, accidents, and altercations.



  • Public Education: Basic right to a public education to promote a vibrant and innovative economy.  Minnesotans at all stages of life deserve access to quality, meaningful education to help each of us reach our fullest potential. Including preschool, primary, secondary, technical, college, and job training.

  • Public Infrastructure: Support long range infrastructure and transportation planning emphasizing public ownership.

  • Tax & Fiscal: A multi-year planning approach that focuses on providing public services and long term outcomes while being prepared for emergencies and economic downturns.

  • Youth, Children, and Families: Support systems and services that keep vulnerable families together.