Keep Minnesota Blue


1) Be informed on: 


Upcoming races and timelines


2) Actively engage in the promotion of agreed on positions on issues

3) Support chosen candidates in local and statewide races


  • Identify upcoming races and requirements of the position

  • Identify and research relevant issues and solutions to race

  • Identify and research candidates including experience, positions, affiliations, leadership abilities, endorsements, campaign contributors and outside opinions.

Envision: Group E to choose and Endorse candidate to promote based on research conducted and who will promote Group E’s Vision for Minnesota

Engage: Members to engage in electoral process including directly participating in candidate candidates campaign, get involved with League of Women Voters, Election judges, Minnesota DFL, other activist groups, conferences, etc.

Energize: Outreach/ Participate/ Positive engagement


This campaign has grown out of Group-E’s expressed desire to make a difference in our community
through our collective philanthropy. It has the following key components:

Giving Areas: Semi-annually, on behalf of the group, our Collective Giving will be donated to an agreed-
upon charity which aligns with one of the following philanthropic areas of interest:

  • Education (and other academic and related pursuits, including science, services for youth, and educational charities and organizations).

  • Equity and Empowerment (given the group’s interest in Keeping Minnesota Blue, a focus on charities that support voter education and getting out the vote or support).

  • Economic Justice (support for organizations that support basic human survival, such as food security, housing, and services for those left outside our community’s economic mainstream).

  • Environment (charities and nonprofits that support the environment, environmental justice and environmental learning).

For each semi-annual period, the group will select one of the above areas for focus, including additional
guidance if there is something they are particularly passionate about supporting or there is an emerging
need. One (or more) members of the group will research charities aligned with that giving area, and will
bring back to the group between three and six options for the group to review.

Selecting a Charity in that Area: The group will select their charity of focus. Individuals can give during
our regular group meetings and events (which will then be collectively sent to the charity), checks can
be made to the charity itself, or individuals can make their own direct contribution to the charity. Giving
will be welcomed and optional, but no one will be expected to contribute or participate.