Our Approach


  1. Compare candidates against the Group-E Statement of Values to determine alignment.  Key sources include the candidates web pages and mainstream news services like MinnPost, MPR, and the StarTribune.

  2. Evaluate the candidates elect-ability using inputs such as past races (both wins and losses), public service, fund raising, level of organization, and likelihood of electoral success.

  3. Review findings and recommendations with the working group.

What we found

Our first attempt used the 2017 Minneapolis Mayoral race.

  • For DFL candidates, the Statement of Values doesn’t offer much differentiation.

  • Knowing WHAT the position does - and does not - is important to know.

  • There may be a lot of candidates "Aligned," and that’s okay.

  • In general, some candidates would not have taken actual votes on relevant issues - many are not active politicians.

    • Sometimes all we have to go on is their public statements of intent and direction

  • Appointments are important - what can the position assign / implement?

  • Align to the larger SoV Themes, not necessarily the bullet points

  • We’ve learned more about candidates & issues & responsibilities via this process!