Boring but REALLY important: Net Neutrality

Ending net neutrality would change purchasing internet services into bundles of products: Netflix and Hulu as buy-ups. It’s time to contact your federal representatives! Here's what I wrote to Franken, Klobuchar, and Ellison: I am writing to you to ask for your continued help in maintaining internet “net neutrality.” The internet is a powerful tool that has brought immense change to our society – and my note to you today. It has become a public utility and should be treated as such. Imagine if… - Electric companies could charge different rates for powering TV’s versus a dryer. - Water companies could charge different rates for lawn irrigation versus daily showers. - Natural gas companie

Call to Action: Insurance Open Enrollment

It's open enrollment for ObamaCare, and things are good in Minnesota. Individual rates were stabilized by a legislative reinsurance -- basically, the State of MN picks up the expensive part tab for some of the sickest patients. (It's not an insurance company bailout, it pays for care.) In 2016, MN's uninsured rate dropped to 4.1% (from 9% in 2011) -- less than half the national average of 8.8%. That's truly impressive. Of course, President Trump's administration has been doing a lot to undercut the ACA. They've slashed the outreach budget by 90% - only 10% remains - and shrank the enrollment period. WHAT YOU CAN DO Get the word out and be informed! Post this (or your own version) on you

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