DACA Sample Text

Below please find the content / text we've used (essentially copied from a DFL newsletter email). Please fee free to use it too if wanted. Please stand up for the more than 6,000 young people in Minnesota whose lives will be upended if DACA is ended. These people are our coworkers, our classmates, and our neighbors. It would tear families apart, make our communities less safe, and undermine our economy. I urge you to take legislative action immediately to protect these talented young people who contribute to our economy every day. Thank you. Keep up the good fight.

Again with the ACA

GroupEs, Well, there they go again. The Republicans are taking another swipe at the ACA and, guess what - it involves a lot of cuts. The Cassidy-Graham bill is hard to find information on, but from what I found it really is generally more of the same: cut $'s, allow coverage cuts, release caps on pre-existing, the usual. Here's what I wrote, feel free to steal it. Links to our elected officials are in the Resources section of this website. I included the Governor because they're weighing in due to Medicaid funding cuts. (If your Rep is Lewis or Paulsen, you may have to re-write this a bit.) I am writing to ask you to not support the Cassidy-Graham bill which would repeal and replace th

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