Group-E formed in early 2017 with a sudden and extremely unexpected desire to "Do Something."  We're a coalition of friends, neighbors, book club members, coworkers, band mates, life-long friends, spouses -- all brought together under an urgent need to make a real, actual, material difference.

And we're all new to this - so we've got that going for us.  Which is nice.

Our Name

The original, pre-organizational survey finished with one simple question: Suggest a group name for us that is better than "Groupy McGroupface."  A few suggestions came in, but Groupy McGroupface seemed to be sticking.  ("I say Groupy you say Groupface!")  Fortunately, someone suggested "Group-E" - where "E" can stand for Environment, Education, Equality, and all those other, good, power-E words.

Plus, who doesn't love Boaty McBoatface?